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How to Sweep a Girl Off Her Feet

How to Sweep a Girl Off Her Feet

  1. Be well presented.
  2. Get her attention.
  3. Initiate contact.
  4. Be chivalrous.
  5. Make her feel special.
  6. Spend time with her.
  7. Time to make a larger gesture.
  8. If you’re too nervous to approach in person, a hand written letter shows that you have put thought into it.


The Game is the gospel for men wishing to pick up women. It is THE original mass marketed text and sings home many unspoken truisms. Use with caution, care, and sensitivity towards women’s feelings.
The Game

How to Sweep a Girl Off Her Feet

“Sweeping a girl off of her feet” is a little practiced long lost skill that has lost none of its potency. Properly done with real heart and care, it’s an incredible way to start a romance. Over dong it however, can come across as slightly creepy. This ‘how to’ should help you strike a balance. 

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1- Be well presented. Are you ‘well kept’? Are you overly niching possible partners due to adopting a particular style that may be unattractive to certain groups of women? Do you smell good? Are your clothes ironed? Are you in shape? Although correctly answering to all of these questions will make you more attractive to females, having made an effort towards this end will also naturally fill you with more confidence- something that is key to attraction.

2- Get her attention. Depending on the setting this can take many forms, but the key here is moderation. Act confidently but do not be over the top with your attention seeking. Even if you are not a very confident person, you can still ‘act’ confidently. In the first circumstance it is useful if you can get noticed without her realising that you are trying to attract her attention as, unfortunately, it is base human nature to want what you can’t have. Being slightly mysterious in the initial stages of courtship can go a long way further down the line. Wearing bright colours (“Peacocking”) is a subtle approach to this.

3- Initiate contact. Once you have her attention begin initiating eye contact. Eye contact is an incredibly powerful tool in enticing interest, however be aware that spending too much time in this phase can make an approach much harder and sometimes quite uncomfortable. Once you have made eye contact, make an introduction. Introductions ‘out of the blue’ may seem a little alien to most people so if you can be introduced by a friend who knows her already, this could be useful. If you are making an introduction ‘from scratch’, be forward and confident. Things will only ever be as uncomfortable as you make it! Providing that you are not sleazy with your approach, smile, and have not prefixed the introduction with eye contact that has been going on for way too long, at the very least the introduction will be politely received (if it’s not then the young lady in question is most likely not worth your time). Providing you have followed step 1 and have judged he situation well, conversation should develop. Try and let the young lady talk whilst you carefully listen, as remaining attentive yet still mysterious (i.e. you haven’t divulged your life story un-prompted), paints you in more attractive light.

4- Be chivalrous: Open doors, stand as she enters a room, offer to carry her bags, offer her your jacket if she’s cold, remember your manners, avoid overly cursing, listen to her when she talks!

5- Make her feel special. Small gestures can go a long way yet should avoid being ‘creepy’. Find small, individual ways to let her know you like her. Don’t seek acknowledgement for any gestures as this will cause the situation to become stuffy. Simple but meaningful compliments delicately delivered will always pleasantly catch her by surprise- again do not over-do it. 

6- Spend time with her. This is easier said than done. You want to spend time with her but do not want to seem to be smothering. Try and find yourself in her company as naturally as possible. 

7- Time to make a larger gesture. Be brave! Do not make the gesture public as she may become embarrassed and resent you for it. Something as simple as sending her flowers to something more involved such as planning a day out. If you do plan a day out, have everything arranged before-hand so all she has to do is to meet you. Deliberately create romantic moments (note plural here- some opportunities will be missed so be sure to have more than one up your sleeve!).

8- If you’re too nervous to approach in person, a hand written letter shows that you have put thought into it. Do not text or email for this kind of thing!


Learn to take rejection maturely. It helps to be forward with your feelings before you get too involved with this person after which a rejection from them could be heart breaking. Should she decline a date do not pressure her for another, the timing may just be a little off and acting maturely could really help the situation. 


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