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Mens’ Guide to Everything is a repository of ‘how to’ guides tailored for men (although women are, of course, very much welcome). We have taken every effort to make man’s journey with us as fluid as possible, minimizing the presence of pesky advertisements and pop ups making your experience with us as pleasurable as possible. Instead, we make money through an affiliate program with Amazon (the God of all that is E-commerce). To explain how this works: Just like any recipe has information on both the method and the ingredients, we explain the steps and then also recommend the best tools for the job. We show people where to find these tools on Amazon, and then Amazon rewards us for introducing people to them. Our recommendations are independent; we are not told what products to suggest. In this way we hope to provide maximum value to you, our readers, ensure uninterrupted, helpful advice, and show people everything they need to get the job done.

We hope to you enjoy your time with us.

John Mak, CEO of MGTE