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How to Grow Hair Faster

How to Grow Hair Faster

  1. Appreciate what has caused the hair loss and attempt to remedy the root issue. 
  2. Start with a healthy diet.
  3. Minimize Styling Damage. 
  4. Try a hair growth supplement. 
  5. See a doctor if problems persist. 


Specialist shampoos are often fortified with many of the minerals and moisture locking chemicals helpful for maintaining and strengthening hair. They are a good, cheap, first stop towards healthier hair.
Repair shampoo

Rogaine is the only over-the-counter treatment shown to increase hair growth and prevent hair loss.

How to Grow Hair Faster

Where suffering from hair loss or simply trying to encourage a greater rate of hair growth, there are a few simple, easily manageable measures that you can take to help keep, or grow, a healthy head of hair.

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1- Appreciate what has caused the hair loss and attempt to remedy the root issue. Stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation, physical stress (such as over use of medication) and emotional turmoil, are the most common causes of hair loss. Before taking any other action in order to promote healthier hair, it is essential to first tackle underlying issues. If you can’t rule out stress in your life, take measures to control it: Exercise, eat natural food, take relaxation exercises, even see a councillor if needs be. A healthy body is a healthy mind, and a healthy mind will lead to a healthy body.

2- Start with a healthy diet. Protein, or more specifically, keratin, is the main building block of hair, so be sure to have a healthy intake of high protein foods such as fish and white meats. Similarly, iron and zinc (again found in lean meats and other protein rich foods), omega 3 (found in fish oils), vitamins A, D, E, K, B (particularly) and C, and even a reasonable level of unsaturated fats, are all essential for healthy hair.

3- Minimize Styling Damage. Style your hair in moderation. High stress techniques and over styling can results in weak or damaged hair. Avoid curling, perming, crimping, bleaching, straightening, or repeatedly dying hair. If you insist on continual styling, a shampoo adapted to repair damaged hair is recommended, however do not over wash hair. Perhaps limit hair washing to 4 times a week to avoid drying out.

4- Try a hair growth supplement. There are several hair growth supplements on the market all boasting miracle cures, unfortunately however, very few can follow through on their promises. Rogaine is one of the only over-the-counter treatment shown to increase hair growth and prevent hair loss.

5- See a doctor if problems persist. If none of the above appear to be taking effect, seek professional advice as there may be an underlying cause of your problem such as a scalp or fungal infection, or even hormonal imbalances. Chronic health issues and/or 

treatments may result in hair loss, as well as day-to-day medicines that you may have taken for granted.

Providing there are no underlying health issues to your condition, you could consider a prescription drug as a last resort. Ask your doctor about corticosteroid injections or similar.


Your hair is one of the first things to suffer when something is not right in your life: Eat healthily, live healthily, and avoid stress!

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