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How to Glaze With Egg Wash

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How to Glaze With Egg Wash

  1. Beat an egg.
  2. Brush using a proper glazing brush. 
  3. Avoid the sides.


A proper glazing brush is a handy addition to any kitchen. They cost next to nothing online but when required are worth their weight in gold!
Glazing brush

How to Glaze With Egg Wash

Many recipes take the knowledge of how to glaze with egg wash for granted, however it’s not something that everyone is that familiar with. The following ‘how to’ breaks down simple process for you.

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1- Beat an egg (one should suffice) with a pinch of salt.

2- Brush using a proper glazing brush. Using a proper glazing brush the tops of the baked goods (e.g. pies, pastries, scones or other fruit breads).

3- Avoid the sides. Don’t brush too much egg onto the sides of free standing creations as too much egg wash can prevent the little delights from rising.


Using salt in your egg wash will ensure it is the right consistency for best brushing.


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