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How to Remove Giblets

How to Remove Giblets

  1. Use a clean surface.
  2. Remove / enter through the neck.
  3. If bought from a supermarket, find the bag.
  4. If treating your own bird, enter from the back.


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How to Remove Giblets

Knowing how to remove giblets from chicken, turkey, or any poultry, ensures swift, hygienic processing of your potential family dinner. The giblets refer to the heart, liver and gizzard. These are usually packed in a little bag by the butcher and placed inside the body cavity. The neck of the chicken may also be included with the giblets.

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1- Use a clean surface. Remove the packaging and place your chicken on a clean, food-safe surface.

2- Remove / enter through the neck. Locate the neck opening of the chicken and reach into the opening with one hand whilst holding the chicken in place with the other. If the bird still has it’s neck, remove this and draw away any entrails as you do so.

3- If bought from a supermarket, find the bag. The giblets will be wrapped up in a small paper or plastic bag inside the bird’s abdominal cavity.

4- If treating your own bird, enter from the back. If you’re squeamish it’s fine to wear gloves. Reach it and pull away anything that is loose or free moving. This will be made easier now that you have moved the neck.


You can throw the giblets away or use them to prepare a gravy for the bird


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