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How to Put Design on a Glassed Surfboard

How to Put Design on a Glassed Surfboard

  1. Clean your board.
  2. Grid out the area.
  3. Draw/paint on your design using Posca pens.
  4. Use a damp cloth to clean up mistakes and pencil lines.
  5. Spray with lacquer.
  6. Surf your board!


Posca pens are the perfect medium for fun, pop, or even classical artwork, as they’re available in many different thicknesses and they sink well into fibre glass. They’re my preferred medium for post-glassed surfboard decoration.
Posca pens

In order to prolong the life of your posca pen design, you’ll need to cover it in clear automotive acrylic lacquer.
Acrylic lacquer

How to Put Design on a Glassed Surfboard

Knowing how to draw or paint a design on a glassed surfboard can allow you to have your favourite stick painted and personalised. This ‘how to’ teaches you the tricks. Usually, designs have to be applied before glassing, however there are materials available out there that allow you to draw your own designs on to old, or new, already glassed boards.

Photo Credit: Designlazy.com


1- Clean your board. Where do you want your design? Bear in mind that should you decide to draw or paint your design on the deck of the board then it will most likely be covered in wax. Wherever you decide to put your design, be sure to properly clean the area back to glass.

2- Grid out the area. In very light pencil strokes, grid out the design area in order for you to properly ‘scale up’ or already practiced design. Keep the pencil grid lines very light as it is tough to remove afterwards.

3- Draw/paint on your design using Posca pens. Paint on the lighter colours first and then build up to the darker ones.

4- Use a damp cloth to clean up mistakes and pencil lines. As soon as possible after mistakes, or once you’ve finished, clean up messy, undesired lines, using a damp cloth.

5- Spray with lacquer. Stand your board up somewhere outside and hold the can about 10 inches away from the board. Very lightly cover the design with the spray. It is best to do a couple of very light coats rather than one thick one, so allow the board to dry and revisit 4 hours later.

6- Surf your board!


Practice your design beforehand and be sure that it’s the one you want. Although not as permanent as a tattoo, board designs are a statement that you need to be comfortable with.

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