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How to BBQ Chicken

  1. Time with other meats
  2. Roast
  3. Turn often
  4. Either cut the thickest piece of chicken through to the bone to check if it’s cooked completely


Readymade marinades available online are a BBQ essential that tend to keep for quite a long time. There tends to be a much greater selection on the internet than in the shops.
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How to BBQ chicken

Knowing how to BBQ chicken properly will ensure thoroughly cooked meat without the usual off-putting charcoal. Chicken on the bone is one of the hardest meats to BBQ on account of the difficulties involved in ensuring that the flesh is cooked to the bone, without the delicate skin blackening to a crisp. The following ‘how to’ details how to cook chicken on a BBQ from scratch perfectly, even when it’s sharing a full grill with a holy host of other meats.

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1- Time with other meats. Chicken will most likely take the longest out of all the meats to cooked if done properly. Put chicken on the grill first, but as far away from direct flames and the primary source of heat as possible.

2- Roast. Chicken will not cook well just from direct heat from below, it requires baking. In order to do this, cover the BBQ with a lid, but ensure that you leave a small gap for ventilation.

3- Turn often. Should the chicken not be directly over the flame, it will require less turning, however attention should still be paid ensuring that it’s not charring.

4- Either cut the thickest piece of chicken through to the bone to check if it’s cooked completely, or use a food thermometer. Once pretty much cooked, feel free to transfer the meat over the flame for a short duration to char the meat as desired.


Soak the chicken in a nice marinade for up to a day beforehand for maximum flavour.


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