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How to Woo a Girl

How to Woo a Girl

  1. Get her attention.
  2. Initiate contact.
  3. Be mysterious.
  4. Play hard to get.
  5. Stay out of the friend zone. 
  6. If text flirting, ambiguity can be both your friend and foe. 
  7. Spend limited time with her.
  8. Be chivalrous
  9. Make her feel special. 
  10. Make a move/ask her out. 
  11. When on a date, keep conversation fun and flirtatious, and look for moments when contact could be considered appropriate. 
  12. Move in for the kiss (see How to Kiss)


The Game is the gospel for men wishing to pick up women. It is THE original mass marketed text and sings home many unspoken truisms. Use with caution, care, and sensitivity towards women’s feelings.
“The Game” by Neil Strauss

How to Woo a Girl

Knowing how to woo a girl is a skill that will serve you well throughout life. Although every fine female is different, here are some general tips to help you score and have her dreamily fixated on you.

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1- Get her attention. Depending on the setting this can take many forms, but the key here is moderation. Act confidently but do not be over the top with your attention seeking. Even if you are not a very confident person, you can still ‘act’ confidently. In the first circumstance it is useful if you can get noticed without her realising that you are trying to attract her attention as, unfortunately, it is base human nature to want what you can’t have. Being slightly mysterious in the initial stages of courtship can go a long way further down the line. Wearing bright colours (“Peacocking”) is a subtle approach to this.

2- Initiate contact. Once you have her attention begin initiating eye contact. Eye contact is an incredibly powerful tool in enticing interest, however be aware that spending too much time in this phase can make an approach much harder and sometimes quite uncomfortable. Once you have made eye contact, make an introduction. Introductions ‘out of the blue’ may seem a little alien to most people so if you can be introduced by a friend who knows her already, this could be useful. If you are making an introduction ‘from scratch’, be forward and confident. Things will only ever be as uncomfortable as you make it! Providing that you are not sleazy with your approach, smile, and have not prefixed the introduction with eye contact that has been going on for way too long, at the very least the introduction will be politely received (if it’s not then the young lady in question is most likely not worth your time). Providing you have followed step 1 and have judged he situation well, conversation should develop. Try and let the young lady talk whilst you carefully listen, as remaining attentive yet still mysterious (i.e. you haven’t divulged your life story un-prompted), paints you in more attractive light.

3- Be mysterious. Being slightly mysterious in the initial stages of courtship can go a long way further down the line. Be elusive and allow her to do most of the talking. Saying this however, don’t be weird about it!

4- Play hard to get. It’s important to note that the difference between getting a girl and having her really fall in love with you is about tugging on the right psychological strings. Obsession is born out of desire to have what you cannot. Playing hard to get will make you the focal point of her conscious existence!

5- Stay out of the friend zone. Whether on a night out or developing this relationship in college, if the proceedings are not carefully managed, it is far too easy to fall into the ‘friend zone’. Keep conversation fun and flirty (but not sleazy), and make subtle yet un-invasive contact whenever possible. Slight moments of discomfort and pauses in conversation are good as they keep the nature of the conversation flirtatious. In these brief moments, do not make it look like you’re trying to think of conversation, instead fill them with an action such as ordering drinks, or even making a compliment. Test the water by starting to throw out low-level “bait” i.e. subtle jokes that hint at sexual interest. A good baiting statement should be un-intrusive, playful, and fairly ambiguous. She will hopefully reciprocate with the same kind of “Baiting” so pay attention to what she says! Make it clear through a cheeky smile (or similar) that you have understood any subtle messages of this type that she may have sent you. Wait for her to continue conversation.

6- If text flirting, ambiguity can be both your friend and foe. With the absence of readable body language, stand-alone texts can often be misinterpreted. To avoid confusion, double read every text before you send it and approach the message from a different angle to ensure that the recipient will understand your intended message. Leaving a text deliberately unclear (perhaps very subtle innuendo) can actually engage the recipient in thought about you, contemplating whether a hidden message was intended or not.

7- Spend limited time with her. This is easier said than done. You want to spend time with her doing something that she enjoys doing to make her feel comfortable, but do not seem to be smothering. If anything, be the opposite. She needs to be the one requesting to spend time with you. Your presence should be a treat for her. 

8- Be chivalrous: Open doors, stand as she enters a room, offer to carry her bags, offer her your jacket if she’s cold, remember your manners, avoid overly cursing, listen to her when she talks!

9- Make her feel special. Small gestures can go a long way yet should avoid being ‘creepy’. Find small, individual ways to let her know you like her. Don’t seek acknowledgement for any gestures as this will cause the situation to become stuffy. Simple but meaningful compliments delicately delivered will always pleasantly catch her by surprise- again do not over-do it. 

10- Make a move/ask her out. Unless in a night club or in the spur of the moment, it is not appropriate to move in for a kiss at this stage. Usual social protocol suggests that you as the young lady out on a date. Although you may not wish to use such language, make sure that the request is delivered in a manner whereby the lady cannot misinterpret the request as 2 friends meeting up. Be confident in your delivery of the question, just as if you were enquiring into her favourite colour. Smile in the silence as she formulates a response and do not offer her an alternative.

11- When on a date, keep conversation fun and flirtatious, and look for moments when contact could be considered appropriate. Being tactile with a girl that you wish to become more familiar with will begin to build the bridge towards a romantic relationship. Be sure with the contact that you are making. Again, things will only ever be as uncomfortable as you make them!

12- Move in for the kiss (see How to Kiss)


Although communication is key to relationships, some things are best left unspoken i.e. the mystery and allure of flirting with someone should not be ruined by raising the issue verbally. 

If you have fallen into the friends zone, you may be less inclined to act on feelings that you have towards them (for fear of ‘losing a friend’) and this will certainly cloud your judgement on whether they like you back. I honestly feel that it is better to act on your feeling if unsure. If you act but they do not reciprocate these romantic feelings towards you, a good friend will always get over this in comparatively little time and your friendship will be much less damaged than what it would have been if you had simply swept all of these feelings under the carpet. 


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