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How to Turn a Girl On

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How to Turn a Girl On

  1. Be well presented
  2. Exude confidence. 
  3. Develop a good sense of humour. 
  4. Do not place pressure on the situation. 
  5. Be chivalrous. 
  6. Initiate contact.
  7. Adjust the atmosphere. 
  8. Initiate the kiss.


The Game is the gospel for men wishing to pick up women. It is THE original mass marketed text and sings home many unspoken truisms. Use with caution, care, and sensitivity towards women’s feelings.
“The Game” by Neil Strauss

How to Turn a Girl On

Knowing how to turn a girl on (first, however, you need to know how not to turn a girl off!), will provide you with priceless ammunition in the field of courtship. Every girl is different, but there are some general tactics that you might want to start with that should hopefully set a solid foundation. Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance, and 70% of turning a girl on is done in the run up before you’ve even initiated physical contact. 

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1- Be well presented. Are you ‘well kept’? Are you overly niching possible partners due to adopting a particular style that may be unattractive to certain groups of women? Do you smell good? Are your clothes ironed? Are you in shape? Although correctly answering to all of these questions will make you more attractive to females, having made an effort towards this end will also naturally fill you with more confidence- something that is key to attraction.

2- Exude confidence. Whether you are naturally confident or not is irrelevant. Acting confidently is just that- acting! Confident people are much more likeable and easy to get on with. Smile, be forward and open with your body language, and take the initiative. ‘Act’ like a sexier version of yourself. 

3- Develop a good sense of humour. Having a good sense of humour doesn’t necessarily mean being the person who has to crack all the jokes all of the time. You don’t have to be a comedian as this is a skill that takes years to develop. Instead, take a light hearted view on things, don’t be too serious (but don’t be a clown either), don’t take everything that is said to heart, and think twice before negatively reacting to something or someone. Be playful and fun. Adopt a frame of mind where you see the positive in everything and a good sense of humour will naturally develop.

4- Do not place pressure on the situation. Although you may be keen to develop the relationship, having high expectations and exerting pressure will only discourage the girl in question from relaxing and allowing herself to be turned on. Relax and let things develop in their own time.  

5- Be chivalrous. Open doors, stand as she enters a room, offer to carry her bags, offer her your jacket if she’s cold, remember your manners, avoid overly cursing, listen to her when she talks!

6- Make her feel beautiful.

Be complimentary and make her feel confident. To put it crassly, a girl who feels beautiful, and knows, both mentally and emotionally, that you think she’s beautiful, will be much more confident, and therefor more likely, to take her clothes off in front of you.  Do not go over the top, but when delivering a genuine, well placed compliment, lower the tone and volume of your voice slightly and smile when you say it. 

7- Initiate contact. Start contact much earlier before you start making out. Light, unobtrusive contact, will subconsciously ‘set the scene’ for her and, in turn, make her consciously more driven to increase contact when making out. The back of her neck, brushing the hair over her ear, the inside of her wrist, her lower back, the top and front of her hips, are all sensitive places that will rarely be met with opposition when touched. 

8- Adjust the atmosphere. Do not verbally say that you’re about to make out and you’re going to make her feel sexy, instead, have something set out before-hand: Candles, quiet music etc. Remember to have the lights lowered to make her feel less self-conscious. It’s a good idea not to lower the lights in her company as this will give her the impression that your making assumptions about the direction of your interaction, instead, have the lights prepared beforehand.

9- Initiate the kiss. See ‘How to make out’ about how to progress from here.


It’s too easy to rush things, however the slower you take it, the more inclined she will be to progress. As soon as she utters the word ‘No’, you would have automatically taken 2 steps backwards. 

You will discover certain areas of her body where she’s more sensitive. Do not overuse these areas; often it’s about where you don’t touch, at least for a while, just as much as where you do touch. Anticipation in itself is a turn on. 

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