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How to the One-Handed Interception in Cricket

How to the One-Handed Interception in Cricket

  1. When doing this skill you should always attack the ball.
  2. Attack the ball front on with your body facing the direction you would want the ball to travel.
  3. Watch the ball as you attack and then lower your hand down into a cup shape when coming to the ball.
  4. As you pick up the ball try and release in the same action, taking the momentum that you picked up the ball with.
  5. Aim for the top of the stumps and follow through with forward raise action.


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How to the One-Handed Interception in Cricket

The one handed interception is a valuable fielding skill close to the wicket. It is most commonly used to try and run out an opponent from close range.

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Extra tips

– Eyes always on the ball

– Cup the hand being used to pick up the ball

– Release the ball quickly to maximise potential of run outs

– Follow through with action once ball is released


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