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How to Peel Prawns

  1. Test off the head
  2. Pull the legs and shell from the prawn
  3. Leave the tip of the tail on for presentation


For any stir fry you’re going to need a good wok. These are preferable to a frying pan as it allows for most appropriate dispersion of heat for high temperature cooking. Those with a true non-stick surface get my vote every time so be careful when buying as those with just a coating may chip and get into your food!
Non-stick wok

How to Peel Prawns

Knowing how to peel prawns could greatly save your guests time, effort, and very messy fingers! Peeling prawns makes them ideal for stir-frying or for adding to sauces and curries. This ‘how to’ will show you how.

Photo Credit: Designlazy.com


1-Tear off the head. There’s no need to wash away the dark gunge exposed by the head as this is the brown meat and will provide extra flavour to the dish

2- Pull the legs and shell from the prawn, starting from underneath the prawn at the head end. The shell should come off in rings.

3- If desired, leave the tip of the tail on for presentation. Otherwise, pull it off.


Prawns do not take a long time to cook and so are best added towards the end of the frying.


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