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How to Make Pancakes

How to Make Pancakes

  1. Prepare your ingredients.
  2. Heat your pan.
  3. Pour a quarter of a cup of mixture in per pancake.
  4. Flip once bubbles start to break in the centre of the pancake. 
  5. Check for springiness. 
  6. Serve with topping.


There are some way snazzy little pancake machines available online that can miraculously produce perfect pancakes of all shapes and sizes. Good fun and super easy.
Pancake maker

How to Make Pancakes

There are a vast array and types of pancake, ranging from the French sweet Crepes or savoury Galettes, to traditional English, short stout Scottish, and full fluffy American. In this article, we will look at making the American style pancakes as they tend to be the easiest to make. The following recipe serves 6.

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1- Prepare your ingredients. Measure all of the following ingredients into a large bowl before mixing: 50g of melted butter, 2 eggs, 1 cup of milk, 1 and a half cups of self raising flour (normal flour will suffice if adding a tea spoon of baking powder), 3 tablespoons of caster/fine sugar, pinch of salt (if none in butter). Do not over beat as this will result in the pancakes being tough, instead, just mix until no longer lumpy.

2- Heat your pan. The key to good pancake cooking is to acquire a consistent low heat. Place the pan on the low heat in good time. Spray or add a little butter.

3- Pour a quarter of a cup of mixture in per pancake. You want to make sure that your not putting too many pancakes into your pan that they thought each other so give each one a moment to settle before pouring in the next quarter cup.  

4-Flip once bubbles start to break in the centre of the pancake. Flip carefully using a spatula. They should be stiff enough to do so, but if not, allow a little extra time. 

5- Check for springiness. Cook the other side until the middle springs back when gently poked with your finger.

6- Serve with topping. Get inventive!


Try adding ingredients to the batter such as a little vanilla essence, chopped banana, berries or hunks of fudge or chocolate. Don’t go crazy however, as you don’t want to affect the consistency too much. 

If you’re serving the pancakes with fried meats for breakfast, frying the pancakes in the left over dripping from bacon works great. 

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