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How to Make a Girl Feel Special

How to Make a Girl Feel Special

  1. Be chivalrous
  2. Make small gestures.
  3. Spend time with her. 
  4. Be supportive.
  5. Be empathetic.
  6. You are equal. Remember that.
  7. Do not stick to routine. 
  8. Time to make a larger gesture. 


The Game is the gospel for men wishing to pick up women. It is THE original mass marketed text and sings home many unspoken truisms. Use with caution, care, and sensitivity towards women’s feelings.
“The Game” by Neil Strauss

“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” is the timeless relationship guide. This book is arguably the definitive book for keeping a happy, loving relationship.
“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” 

How to Make a Girl Feel Special

Knowing how to make a girl feel special will put a smile on her face. Yes, I know that seems incredibly obvious, but what men often fail to recognise is that if she has a smile on her face then she hasn’t got a frown; if she’s happy, you’re happy! Not to mention that fact that many of us are old romantics and enjoying sweeping a girl off of her feet! This how to guide gives you some great tips about how to do it well.

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1- Be chivalrous: Open doors, stand as she enters a room, offer to carry her bags, offer her your jacket if she’s cold, remember your manners, avoid overly cursing, listen to her when she talks!

2- Make small gestures. Find small, individual ways to let her know you like her. Don’t seek acknowledgement for any gestures as this will cause the situation to become stuffy. Simple but meaningful compliments delicately delivered will always pleasantly catch her by surprise. Error on the side of too many! 

3- Spend time with her. This is easier said than done. You want to spend time with her but do not want to seem to be smothering. Try and find yourself in her company as naturally as possible.

4- Be supportive. If something is a big deal to her, make it a big deal for you as well. Be passionate about her passions, this, in turn, will make her passionate about you.

5- Be empathetic. Girls are often more in touch with their emotions than men. Be understanding and adjust your tone and volume of voice to meet her feelings. Do not simply tell her that she’s “being ridiculous and should stop crying”. It is a typical, and honourable, male reflex to try and immediately fix the problem for her. Right at this moment however, she doesn’t want that, instead she wants you to understand how she feels and to be there for her as she clears her emotions.

6- You are equal. Remember that. If you do not feel equal with this person, do not be with them. If you feel too good or not good enough, this is your issue. Either move on, or deal with it and treat your girlfriend with the respect that she deserves.

7- Do not stick to routine. Do not stick to routine in dates, your conversations, but most importantly, in your sex life. Be attractive to her by injecting new life into the relationship. Find new things for you both to do together, also, take her by surprise sexually (but don’t have ‘surprise sex’!).

8- Time to make a larger gesture. Be brave! Do not make the gesture public as she may become embarrassed and resent you for it. Something as simple as sending her flowers to something more involved such as planning a day out. If you do plan a day out, have everything arranged before-hand so all she has to do is to meet you. Deliberately create romantic moments (note plural here- some opportunities will be missed so be sure to have more than one up your sleeve!).



Be friendly with her friends. Having their support can greatly help you in the long run, and they will provide you with insight into how she’s feeling.

Be careful about how you refer to your ex-girlfriends. Don’t lie, just be careful with the truth. 


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