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How to make a burger

How to make a burger

  1. Prepare your core ingredients.
  2. Choose your binding ingredient.
  3. Mix the ingredients. 
  4. Shape your patties. 
  5. Sear the burgers. 
  6. Once juices run clear, top with whatever topping you desire and serve.


Meat seasoning
A good meat seasoning is a vital addition to any kitchen, the greatest thing about them being that they last for an extremely long time. They are far cheaper and you have much more choice online than in the stores so be sure to keep stocked up by ordering early.

How to make a burger

Knowing how to make a burger can win over the culinary hearts of even the most critical of your bbqing/boy’s-nights/visiting buddies. As toppings are a matter of personal choice, this ‘how to’ will focus mainly on how to make the burger patty.

Photo Credit: Designlazy.com


1- Prepare your core ingredients. Core to any home-made burger are very finely chopped onions, mince (beef, lamb, even turkey), and seasoning. With regards to ratios you should not use more than 1 medium sized onion to every 400g (just under 1lb) of mince. This will make about 6 medium sized burgers, or 4 ‘man burgers’. 

2- Choose your binding ingredient. Personally, I love keeping it simple by just using whole-grain mustard as it has the perfect consistency to bind everything together and has a nice but mild kick as well. I usually use 2 desert spoons for every 400g (just under 1lb) of mince. Alternatively you can use 1 whisked egg and a 2 desert spoons of flour to bind for the same amount of meat.

3- Mix the ingredients. Place the mince in a large bowl and add the onions and the seasoning before adding the binding ingredients (if using egg and flour, add the egg first and mix before adding the flour).

4- Shape your patties. Shape your mixture into firm patties as big as you want them.

5- Sear the burgers. When you initially start cooking the burgers (bbq, grill or frying pan), you need to sear them at a high heat in order for them to hold their shape. Once seared and stable, lower the temperature so that they can cook evenly throughout.

6- Once juices run clear, top with whatever topping you desire and serve.


As long as additions are chopped finely enough and aren’t in too great a quantity, you can add pretty much anything you like to the patty mix. Sun dried tomatoes, sweet basil, capsicum/pepper with a little spice, coriander chilli and lemon grass, garlic etc are just a few examples.

Be adventurous with your cheese. Anything from brie to blue cheese will put an interesting twist on a burger recipe. 

Nice buns are essential. There’s no point spending the time to prepare fresh, home-made burgers, only to have them let down by cheap and nasty rolls to house them in. 


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