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How to Fix a Car Antenna

How to Fix a Car Antenna

  1. Gauge the level of damage.
  2. Know your parts. Get a feel of what parts the antenna consists of so you know what to replace.
  3. Replacing the shaft.
  4. Replacing the entire antenna.


Car antenna shafts or entire systems are much cheaper online, plus finding one specific to your vehicle is much easier. Rubber whip shafts tend to be hardier.

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How to Fix a Car Antenna

Knowing how to fix a car antenna can save you expensive professional repair fees. It’s fairly simple to replace and is easily doable yourself using this ‘how to’.

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1- Gauge the level of damage. The level of damage to your antenna will determine whether you will need to replace the entire antenna or just a part of the shaft. Either way the process is easy, however you will need to know what parts to buy.

2- Know your parts. Get a feel of what parts the antenna consists of so you know what to replace. The following list details the usual parts of an antenna from tip, ending to the plug that attaches to the radio: Shaft, nut, cap, insulator ball, gasket, mounting hole in fender, swivel clamp, cable, grommet, clips, plug.

3- Replacing the shaft. The shaft is the thing that usually breaks due to physical damage. You can find antenna replacement shafts online for very cheap, or should you need one urgently you should be able to pick a generic one up at your local auto parts retailer. Break off what is left of the old car antenna shaft, and use a mill file to round the remaining end of the broken shaft. Attach the new shaft, fastening using the retaining screw.

4- Replacing the entire antenna. Locate the antenna cable attached to the stereo beneath the dashboard and unplug it. Unscrew the antenna nut at the base and remove the entire antenna assembly. Cut the old antenna cable with wire cutters or pliers but be sure not to let go of it. Tape the cut cable to the new antenna plug and pull on the plug of the old cable in order to guide the new cable into place. It might be necessary to take off the fender shield in order to draw the new antenna cable through the body grommet. Place the new antenna assembly into the mounting hole and then plug the new antenna cable into the stereo.


Be sure to get to know the parts of the antenna before you dismantle anything.

Parts are always much cheaper online and specific models tailored to your vehicle are easier to find.

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