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How to Cure Puffy Eyes


How to Cure Puffy Eyes

  1. Prevention is the best cure.
  2. Diet.
  3. Natural remedies.
  4. Cosmetic solutions.
  5. Underlying conditions.


Many eye creams (containing vitamin k) are tailored to remove puffiness or dark circles. They’re a solid investment for last minute treatments.

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How to Cure Puffy Eyes

Knowing how to cure puffy eyes can leave you full of confidence as you head out in the morning regardless of how little sleep you’ve suffered. Caused by a fluid build-up (oedema) in the tissues around your eye, they can be dealt with just like any other swelling and managed properly there’s very little need for any surgery. Here’s some basic advice on how to manage this common problem.

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1- Prevention is the best cure.

Often puffiness is caused by sleep deprivation, therefore, get more sleep! Avoid excessive alcohol or drugs that effect sleep patterns, and make attempts to lower your stress levels. A healthy diet will ensure that we receive an appropriate array of nutrients and so prevent skin discolouration, as well as minimising salt intake (excess salt can result in unbalanced water retention and may exasperate the ‘bags under the eyes’ look).

2- Diet.

Cabbage or cranberry juice are natural are diuretics which will help you release fluid retention. Conversely, lower your salt intake.

3- Natural remedies.

Natural remedies come in the classic form of cucumber slices over closed eyes (10-15 minutes a day whilst lying down), cool tea bags (tannin reduces swelling, again, 10-15 minutes daily over closed eyes), a liquidised uncooked potato (place pureed potato over each closed eyed for 30 minutes every few days and then wash off with warm water), or cold techniques such as rubbing away the swelling with a frozen spoon or ice cubes.

4- Cosmetic solutions.

Eye creams containing vitamin K and retinol reduce discolouration and puffiness, whereas a carefully chosen foundation colour will disguise the dark circles should it not be possible to remove them.

5- Underlying conditions.

Should none of the above be mitigating the effect, perhaps it’s time to consult a doctor? The dark circles under your eyes could be due to an underlying medical condition such as allergies (i.e. gluten intolerance), skin pigmentation issues, blocked sinuses, or over exposure to the sun. Bear in mind that you may simply be more susceptible to these kind of skin conditions due to your genetic make-up (dark circles under the eyes are common between parent and offspring).


Again, prevention is the best cure. Eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise, sleep well and don’t stress! Wearing UV protective glasses will also protect your skin from melanin changes.

Although you are trying to reduce the swelling/puffiness under your eyes, overly rubbing them can actually damage the capillaries under this delicate skin and so make the problem worse.


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