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How to Clean Your Ears

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How to Clean Your Ears

  1. Use a pre-prepared solution (see equipment).
  2. Make your own solution.
  3. Should you regularly have to clean out your ears or are experiencing pain, there may be an underlying condition.


There are many pre-prepared solutions available on the market. Most have similar efficacy and so you choice of which to buy should be down to formulation (would you prefer to have drops, something squirted into your ear, or hold your ears over a warm bath?). Should you regularly suffer from blocked ears then a proper solution would definitely be something worth stocking in your medical cabinet.

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How to Clean Your Ears

Knowing how to clean your ears properly can save you much pain and discomfort. Your ears may be blocked from either having water in them (if so see how to remove water from ears), or from too much ear wax (cerumen). This article will help you clean out the latter.

Warning: if your ears seem blocked after a painful, sharp event, there is a good chance that you may have burst your eardrum. Should this be the case, visit a doctor immediately. Similarly, if you’re suffering from persistent pain in the ear or the glands around your ear, you may have an ear infection. In this case you should also visit a doctor before the situation worsens.

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1- Use a pre-prepared solution (see equipment).

2- Make your own solution. Combine 100 ml of warm water with either a teaspoon of 3-5% hydrogen peroxide solution or a teaspoon of glycerine. The best way to apply is through lying on your side and preferably having an assistant drop roughly 10 drops of the solution into an ear. Remain lying on your side for 5-10 minutes, before standing and catching the effluent with a tissue placed at the entrance of your ear. Hydrogen peroxide may fizz in your ear so do not be alarmed if you hear this sound. Once the solution is drained it’s a good idea to gently squirt body temperature water into your ear in order to remove any remaining loosened ear wax. Do this over the sink as this can be quite messy. If you experience pain during this process, stop and consider consulting a doctor. Ensure that all of the water has drained out of your ear before going back about your daily business or before repeating the process for the other ear.

3- Should you regularly have to clean out your ears or are experiencing pain, there may be an underlying condition. Visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis.


Do not use hydrogen peroxide if you have a perforated eardrum.

After you have a warm shower or bath your surface body temperature will be warmer and so cleaning out your ears should be easier.

Never put a cotton swab/q tip into your ear!


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