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How to Be Comfortable on a Long Airplane Trip

How to Be Comfortable on a Long Airplane Trip

  1. Prepare
  2. Bring a book or magazine
  3. Bring your own headphones
  4. Bring a toothbrush
  5. Pack some snacks
  6. Move around
  7. Rehydrate
  8. Think out of the box


Airports purposefully charge a fortune for in-flight comforts in the departure lounges. Beat the system and purchase in advance items like:

A sleep mask

Neck pillow

How to Be Comfortable on a Long Airplane Trip

Knowing how to be comfortable on a long airplane trip can mean the difference between: the perfect start to a holiday or the worst, or being ‘switched on’ during an important meeting or being a useless mess. It’s a good idea to think about preparation here, but failing that, also included in this guide is some ‘on the spot’ fixes.

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1- Prepare

What might you need? Book a good seat, bring a thick jumper to rest your head on, purchase a sleep mask, ear plugs and a neck brace, pack any medication (I highly recommend valium/diazepam for extended travel of any sorts when you’re not in charge of having to drive the vehicle! It doesn’t make you drowsy like sleeping pills, instead it just relaxes your mind and your muscles. Although it’s mostly only available via prescription, simply telling your doctor that you’re terrified of flying should be enough for him to write you out a note for some).

2 Bring a book or magazine

Often in-flight entertainment will not start until you are well and truly off of the ground, and usually electronic equipment is required to be switched off during take-off and landing.

3 Bring your own headphones

Sometimes you have to purchase headphones for in-flight entertainment. Often the ones that are provided are simply not very good.

4 Bring a toothbrush

Freshening up before going settling down for the ‘night’ is often a regular part of many people’s bed-time routine and will help your body subconsciously appreciate that it’s time for sleep despite being in this strange environment.

5 Pack some snacks

Seeing you through the gaps between in-flight meals will help you not be overly aware every time an air hostess passes by if you’re hungry.

6 Move around

Regularly get up and stretch your legs. Most planes now provide instructions for in-chair exercises.

7 Rehydrate

Intake plenty of water as the atmosphere inside planes can be extremely dry. Lip balm will also help prevent drying out.

8 Think out of the box

They may have provided you with a pillow, but perhaps in might be more comfortable having it support your lower back rather than your head?


Planning lay overs is also crucial. Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance!

When requesting seats, bear in mind that the last row of seats usually do not recline.

If the service is available, use it! If you’re hungry or thirsty, be sure to ask.

Wet wipes are fantastic for freshening up

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